The Journey


Since everyone’s experience and knowledge of driving is different, we tailor our driving lesson plan to suit individual needs. We cover all the required aspects of driving and solve problematic aspects that we find need more work. Some clients we start teaching from scratch, some do drive but do not apply the correct road rules and others have some habits that need to be changed. So together we learn, rectify, improve and pass the RTA driving test, but most importantly, you become a safe driver for life.


Our structured lesson plan covers:


1. Preparing to drive,

2. Vehicle controls,

3. Moving off and stopping,

4. Steering,

5. Changing gear (for manual cars only),

6. Scanning,

7. Driving in simple traffic,

8. Parking,

9. Reversing,

10. Complex traffic,

11. Changing lanes,

12. Speed management,

13. Road position,

14. Decision making,

15. Responding to hazard,

16. Driving at night,

17. Driving at diverse condition,

18. Country driving,

19. City and motorway driving,

20. Preparing for driving test.


Our driving test preparation is comprehensive enough to give you the confidence to face your test. The parking methods we teach for example will surely change your attitude towards reverse parking and all other required manoeuvres.


We prepare you psychologically and practically

Psychologically, by making you undergo a more difficult preparation test with your instructor, one that if you pass, is indication of almost a sure pass of the RTA/RMS’s test.


Practically, we equip you with knowledge of the smallest of details that is required to demonstrate your safe driving; we go through every detail regarding instructions from the testing officers and how to respond to them.



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